Digital Skills: Exploring Computational Tools
in Set Construction – RHINO

Peter Debreczeni

20 February 2016 – 25 February 2015


Info about the Course:

This course teaches participants new to modelling softwares the basics of establishing 3D geometry, and simple computer based design strategies. The course will be suitable to anyone interested in 3D modelling to create real physical objects, the skills can be used in architecture, furniture, set/interior design, and sculptural purposes.

Covered topics:
• Basic CAD tools and modelling principles in Rhino.
• The basics of workflow and the steps of the design.
• Basic parametric tools. Simple design strategies.
• Preparation for fabrication. Construction methods.
• Advanced tools for complex structures.
• The basics of production. Mock-up construction.

Software & Tool Info

We will introduce participants to NURBS-based modeling in Rhinoceros 3D and to use some of its useful plugins (Panelling Tools / Grasshopper / Lunchbox / Kangaroo).

We are providing 6 PC workstation for the workshop with pre-installed softwares. For the participants, who are perefering to bring their own laptop we can provide trial versions of the softwares. We will also provide the tools and materials for mock-up creation.

Note: PCs are preferred, OS X version of the softwares is not fully functional yet.

Who shall join?

The participants can learn a workflow from the first sketches to the realisation a 3D model in CAD environment, by using conventional CAD modeling and parametric tools as well. The course will be organised around a case-study workflow to easily understand all the necessary steps to create installations. The course’s main goal is helping to understand the connection between computation tools and traditional craft.

Days Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Location Istanbul Bilgi University
Price 1.000 TL
Language EN
Hours Total 20
Hours a day 4
Timing Week Days @13:00 – 17:00, Week Ends @18:00 – 22:00
Transportation santralistanbul Campus
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